Hideous Outcomes

Temper the lines too exactly,  
and perhaps try not to be so coy about it,  
O protector of panicked illusions.  

What say you of the situation congealing in the east?  
That the view has hardened,  
is too close to the periphery probably,  
and puts one in mind of a venereal disease.  

Some may consider my politics too ethereal.  
But for them, I have bunches of roses  
plucked from right behind my eyes,  
bound in such sexy tinsel!  

So much of the world is gulped  
in quantities too vast for any throat,  
something we’ll owe penance for  
when our time is told correctly.  
I can scarcely imagine the sort of mindset  
that permits such hideous outcomes,  
though my imagination is too often  
on the fritz and far less  
stable than most.  

-r. miller

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