Shroom Party

Cutting the quickness with a lick,
you force a smile through
the sieve of distaste.
After making haste into a virtue,
what colors will our errors assume?
This cold room seems to stretch
10 miles in all directions,
and you flounder in the center
as it softly dissipates.
Childhood lust silently abates,
but the new calm that installs itself
in that once tumultuous space
is the perfect climate for a more refined
but wilder brand of lust
to begin gather its forces,
blue horses of pure electricity.
How long have I been under
such weather anyway?
That causes mere moments
to seem endless and whole years,
the simple flash of a camera?
And yet, from an aesthetic standpoint,
no composition is more pleasing
to the wicked heart which motivates me,
urging me onward, downward, wayward,
into unabashed ecstasy.

-r. miller

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