The Color of Love is Hot Pink

Zounds, my love, you sure can traipse circles
’round my blood muscle, huh?
Behind my eyes goes full-melt
and warms the walls of my skull.
Feeling generous with the lips, are we?
TBH, your breath feels nice entangled with mine.

Why don’t we weave delightedly
through the dawn’s various dews?
Or, if you’re feeling celestial,
I hear Saturn’s gorgeous this time of year.
What if we just experience entirety
in our arms forever?

Neverending nearness is what I need from you,
and the play of your fingers about my chest and face,
the glazed delight in your gaze
as I sink into the warm depths of your body.
Stay with me, and be feral.
This love is too real for us to keep quiet.

-r. miller

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