Seems Like a Given

The pulsations haven’t stopped.
Something tremendous is on the way.
By any measure, we are all somebody’s someone,
wouldn’t you agree?
Consider more thoughtfully
the concept of a skinned knee.
Interconnectivity. Harrowing activity.
No thought but in sequence.

We admit that context counts.
Certain solutions possess a gravitational pull.
He admits to merely
mimicking those with power.
Perhaps try stumbling. Left is right.
After many sleepless nights
carving voices from thin air,
we managed to over-correct ourselves,
careening helplessly to bed.
Still the matter of weighing.
Sheepishly delighted.
Kindly direct your attention.

Admittedly, not all variables were accounted for,
given due process.
Heaven suspended from corroded hooks.
Seems like a given, but then again.

-r. miller

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