14 Lines in a Sonnet

The first line fails to arrive as it had promised.
The second line comes in on a tidal wave.
The third line runs icy fingers across the poet’s cheek.
The fourth line apologizes for the drunken ruckus it caused.
The fifth line points out a serious character flaw.
The sixth line points out an obvious narrative inconsistency.
The seventh line distributes free bread to the serfs.
The eighth line listens anxiously for the footsteps of the intruder.
The ninth line, in a rage, hurls its cellphone at the wall.
The tenth line voluntarily checks into the psych ward.
The eleventh line dances in an electrical storm.
The twelfth line forwards yet another chain email.
The thirteenth line doesn’t exist.
The fourteenth line bursts the door, holding a bouquet of roses.

-r. miller

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