Blow a Kiss

Gone up in the guts,
wakening all perfection and loveliness,
it’s a high time to be having,
kind of a thought. Almost accidentally
arriving at the new Point B, I inwardly
plummet into the brine that keeps my heart.
I’d like to blow a kiss, but
this is unexpected, and rumor has it
they shun the unexpected because
it’s fun, disruptive, and above all, engaging.
I hear they’ll be staging a mock execution soon.
Or is it mocking a staged execution?
Now, lick those worry wounds
before they heal. To think,
all this happening in and around
the very room in which we have
our mid-meal belchings!
Flavorful as ever,
the light which gives this scene to us
begins excitedly to bounce.

-r. miller

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