(The following piece was composed using words from “Death of an Englishman,” by Magdalen Nabb)

Shouting unheard insults
The terrified driver was gripping
sweating so much that it threatened
His leg trembled on the accelerator
his paralysed brain
remembering the instructions,
emergencies like this
open the doors… open…
rather than risk hurt
This one might not be
And if he were a terrorist…?
I don’t want to be killed
… and it’s Christmas…
His back was soaked
On the smiling picture
with two plastic flowers, the nearest
get to praying
ahead of them
blocking the road
bumping over the pavement
hung alternately with red and white
blue and green lights
Merry Christmas
A flashing green tree
Flower… a star… then darkness
The driver closed his eyes

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