Honestly, I’m far too pissed
to go on passing accusations
back and forth among these
rubbery NPC-type gawkers
who flick their tongues and go idle
at the first hint of provocation.

Recent evidence suggests that
whatever is in the water
distills the loftiest of passions
into hopeless blathering.
I’m really not the kind of person
who would take this in stride.

Honestly, I’m far too pissed
to post a warning on my forehead
about what not to do
when the overall hopelessness
of any given situation takes to the street
and assumes the right-of-way.

There isn’t anything quite like it.
The full moon dissolves in silver,
bequeathing us its bad habits.
Still no purpose to the process,
but if purpose is what you seek here,
any input is appreciated.

-r. miller

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