Here it is – the moment
we’ve been training for.
Spent years and years preparing for,
gathering supplies for, living for.
And it all comes down
with an anti-climactic plop,
like a rock you tried to skip,
but whose shape was slightly off,
and rather than skimming
the water’s reflective surface,
simply plunged
toward its filthy depths.
Of course, improper shape
isn’t the issue here. So what is?
We discuss it over cheap beer
and even cheaper cigarettes,
offering up new interpretations
between sips and drags,
but none of them stick,
none of them has that “it” factor
you so often hear about
in corporate meetings.
So we get to talking
about life up until now,
the halcyon days I think they’re called,
and while no new light is being shed
on present circumstances,
it is pleasurable, mildly,
to rehash those old tall tales
we lived through once before.

-r. miller

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