If you don’t know, it’s anyone’s loss.
Like the cost of living, we rise
incrementally at first, then
drastically when the moment
achieves maximum ripeness.
My latest headdress
toppled to the floor, taking me along
for what I can only describe
as the ride of a while.
Of course the wheel’s busted.
Nevertheless, I loved you
when you were merely
rose petals in a bowl,
my blood spiked
with some fierce intoxicant
beyond even the tolerance of the gods.
You showered me with clods
of soil beneath an ever-waning moon.
That’s when I knew, I think,
that we’d never be apart,
for better or worse.
Surely enough, the harmonious curse
lain over our hearts like a rough quilt
is ever so slightly lifted,
revealing us once and for all
one to the other.

-r. miller

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