To Build an Empire

The following poem was composed using words from Edward Abbey’s “The Monkey Wrench Gang”

They could study the progress.
“Power’s restored,” he said.
She looked through the glasses.
Big green Bucyrus-Erie crane,
on its bed and lowering
rebuilt bridge abutements.
Laborers swarmed like ants over the work.
The power line, spliced,
across the gap bringing high voltage.
In shadows, piled. Possible recovery.
“Determined organization,” Bonnie said.
She thought, how the pyramids were built.
Back to the highway
across the sandstone.
Camouflaged jeep among
the desert Pinyon jays swirled.
“Tools, gloves, hard hats,”
Armed and equipped munching
on beef jerky. On a different tangent.
Their bellies on a dune.

-r. miller

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