Nobody comes into existence by their own consent. Involuntarily, we are thrust headfirst into a society not of our own choosing. This society deigns to shape and mold us into the kind of people who are fit to be a part of it. And then, this same society has the audacity to demand that we “contribute” in some way, as compensation for creating us in its own image, as if by nurturing and sustaining an existence that we didn’t necessarily want in the first place, it’s done us some massive fucking favor. But given the option, who in their right mind would choose being over nonbeing? To be born into a cold, indifferent world filled with pain and murder? And make no mistake – suffering is the rule of existence. Joys, ecstasies, triumphs… These are the exceptions. Puny stones in the torturous sea that is the human condition. Humanity is a monumental error, and by continuing to exist, we perpetuate that error. My advice? Show some initiative and start making corrections.

-r. miller

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