Home Improvement

It was out of love for you
that I set my house ablaze.

I stood amazed at what I’d done,
beholding the very structure
of my deepest daze
razed to a charred heap of pillowy soot.
There was tenderness afoot
that night, bright red sashes
dashing right to left and left to right,
as if to spite the dark.
Beneath a pockmarked moon,
I crooned a little lullaby
whose only lyric was your name,
and I smiled unashamed
as I bathed in the luxurious rain
of its melody.

-r. miller

One thought on “Home Improvement

  1. Lovely poem! The last five lines are so powerful and emotive – they might end up on my wall!*

    *If I ever plan to decorate a wall with my favourite words and quotes, which I might, you know, someday…

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