Things Not How We Left Them


It’s coming again, this time in waves.
We’ve saved the best for this

blessed moment of return,
spurned every other opportunity

which flew in on currents of gilded air.
So much despair for but one life.

Alright, but our minds are rife
with haggard conceptions

and reflection only augments
these imperfections, blemishes

upon an abstract skin.
Within are chokeholds

and smoking barrels,
heralds of broken ecstasies

better left unspoken.
Here – a token of affection,

affectionately woven
from my introspective tendencies

I fear are guiding me to ruin.
Inside of me is brewing

an inconvenient gloom.
Outside of me, the room is assuming

a dreadful countenance
characterized by a disapproving glare

I swear is aimed at me.
Shame on me then for not taking care

of things, surroundings in particular.
Astounding how dust

has taken over everything,
how my trust in myself

has become a cluster of rusty nails,
how through the curtain,

pale fragments of moon bloom
like sails in the wind.

-r. miller


2 thoughts on “Things Not How We Left Them

  1. Wow, this is crazy. I was driving and had a moment where I thought “If only I paid attention to my surroundings life would be more simple.” and then here you are, mr. r. miller, one step ahead of me.

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