A Question Emerges


The secret you entrusted to me
remained a secret
until secretly its secrecy
seeped through
the cracked glass of a glacier
and overtook
the crass exterior world.

I am summed up in failures,
various travails veiled
in exploding clouds.

I am summed up in failures
and failures broken
by bigger failures.

When I creep to the corner
of the room, the one
furnished in gloomy moon
beams and rippling seams
seeming stable,
mouth whatever phrases
you’re able to phrase

with your mother’s tongue.
We are forever
the unsung heroes of intellect

and delectable conundrums,
you drumming your fingers
on my lengthening spine,

and mine tethered tenuously
to your mellowing thigh.
A question emerges
like a funnel of steam,
though its answer
is merely a dream
gleaming in the mind

of a storm.

-r. miller


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