I Need a Vacation


We were young
when we were young,
low strung, unsung heroes
of intellect and transgressive acts.

At our backs,
the immutable past
filled with scraps of music
and lines ripped

from our favorite books.
The looks we got from people
we thought we loved.
The above and below

seem to come together
in unexpected ways,
the way the frantic city
meets the just-as-frantic forest,

so that it invites comparison
rather than contrast.
Some nights, I hold fast
to the books, the looks,

and the music, but not tonight.
The flight of stars
is accompanied by unearthly creaks.
For weeks now

this has been happening.
Meaning it’s still happening
for weeks in the future.
The sutures that bind

my heart and brain
are slowly loosening, tired
of the long hours for minimal pay
and minimal fame. Same goes for me.

-r. miller


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