New Perspective


As you make this transition,
positioning yourself
for new modes of weightlessness,
pay attention to the faint
figures in the evening
bumbling about.

They rummage around
this violet lull seeking
a song or two, hoping
for a melodious fit
to kickstart their breathing.

The mockery they secrete
is enough to deplete
any and all traces
of excitement you’ve had.

You can see that they
are enticed by a unique kind
of sickness, a disorder
so thick it’s practically a bandage.

Keep your distance –
They’re contagious.

They reach to the most outrageous
lengths for whatever prize
they’re hoping for, whatever
fulfillment, whatever
consolation they’re craving.

A savior maybe – but there’s no saving them,
this can be easily seen.


In this instance, distance
is warranted, despite
our collective striving for closeness.
Don’t let their conniving dissuade.
Nothing that they catch
in their cobwebbed fists
makes it out alive.

It’s okay to set yourself apart,
it’s okay to keep part of yourself
guarded, to be a fortress
unto yourself, and to interpret
experience as you see fit.

Leave them to their business!
their little plot of disaster
and fractured existence.

-r. miller


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