Wealth and Privilege


Expert and counterfeiter
described by the youth
is a thuggish consensus
of propaganda cigarettes.

They helped for years.
Focused on Supreme Leader,
reappearing on Monday,
seriously ill, recovering

the hearts and minds
of 25 million rumors and jokes.
Coup speculation in the shadows,
former top that the North Korean

government controlled,
cemented their grip.
Influential uncle.
Who actually runs the country?

Some believe family members
manipulate him outside of interviews.
A mighty despot, his agenda.
Shape of the country runs

as smoothly as the little innermost circle,
defectives and diplomats,
influence and power.
The ruling elites seen in public

assumed power. Now they tell us.
Advising the President of the United States.
Part secret police, the last men
of purges. Women who outright run.

Of the few real ceremonies
of the 2014 political career,
just one day’s uniform expressed a desire,
the trigger finger a privilege

bordering on a charm.
His signature to policy must be done
to finalize their deliberations
for his ratification.

A sharp reversal of the rubber stamp.
News disputed the extent
of the leader and his aides
by filtering the condition of anonymity.

If you know, you can get a yes.

-r. miller


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