The Revolution Won’t Be Verbalized


This is the cadence of discontent.
It isn’t your flagrance that feeds

the unrepentant flower,
but the power expressed

in letting go. Air flows,
then accumulates into a fist,

forswearing every last trace
of its once listless state,

and you are sated by
the enamel of my affections.

Who burns for connection?
This is a rejection of all

preceding narrative forms,
all things born from dust

We must trust in our passions
if we’re to fashion an era.

-r. miller


One thought on “The Revolution Won’t Be Verbalized

  1. I like how you start off by alluding to Richard III, it helps set the tone of the rest of the poem and shows the reader just how far we’ve come from the time period of the play. It’s no longer the winter but the cadence, no longer a season but the way we speak. To connect it with “The revolution will not be televised” allusion in your title only adds power and distance between the hopes and dreams of those who came before us and what we’ve accomplished in spite of them.

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