Modernity Drag


So much fuss over glamour and grace!
And then there’s me, gnawing awkwardly a twist of licorice
while drool slips from my lips, forming an anthropomorphism
of a puddle on the floor. You’d think Excalibur
had been bestowed on me. But no. I’m just a quintessential 
nothingness, failing to recognize the catastrophic

minutiae buzzing about. Catastrophic 
is the word of the day. So devoid of grace
is such an existence that its gracelessness is quintessential!
My harried gaze is the same shade as licorice. 
I have a name for this kind of turbulence, and that name is Exalibur
And, if you could render it an anthropomorphism,

it would probably take the shape of a woman. Anthropomorphism!
There’s a funny idea. To take abstractions and mold catastrophic
sculptures out of them. What would Excalibur 
think of that? No matter. I’m saved by the grace 
of my nothingness, and I savor that like I do the licorice
which I am now finishing with a quintessential

chewing motion. I realize that neurosis is the quintessential
element of the 21st century. No anthropomorphism 
can absolve us of that. Perhaps licorice
can, though I feel that would be catastrophic.
Kind of like saying “Grace”
before a meal, and then shitting on the spread. No Excalibur

to slay the dragon, no Excalibur
to keep Camelot in check. No quintessential 
myth to real the proper way to Grace.
Our cities now have become anthropomorphisms. 
though hideous and deformed, catastrophic
Behemoths fixed to devour us like licorice!

Well, not everybody cares for licorice.
So maybe one of these beasts doesn’t either, just as Excalibur
doesn’t thirst for all types of blood. Catastrophic
really, because I find the sweetness of licorice quintessential.
Besides, Nature too is an anthropomorphism
and when you get down to it, reveals no trace of actual grace.

Yet the licorice Cosmos horde nothing but grace
with catastrophic greed. The moon, a quintessential 
Excalibur begets a frail anthropomorphism. 

-r. miller


One thought on “Modernity Drag

  1. ” But no. I’m just a quintessential
    nothingness, failing to recognize the catastrophic minutiae buzzing”

    I really like that, and this entire poem

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