Against All Cosmic Disparaties


She awakens ablaze
with the screaming
probabilties of torrents –
a proverbial daze
of the calender’s
categorical needle
forcing moral imperative
toward the imperiled
streaming of blood.
In a scarlet hood,

she wastes a cigarette
in a frenetic haze
of gunpowder, looking right
fabulous as a crucifix.
Smearing clarity on rickety walls
she lines her eyelashes
with crumpled entries
from a diary that at one point
lay forlorn in the halls
of her most strenuous revelries.

A coruscating fist makes
its presence known. It casually
disrupts the pitiful piety
that is the trademark of such
interactions. She rises, and
relinquishing her smile
in a helicopter twirl,
makes her last
         desperate stand
against all cosmic disparaties.

-r. miller


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