Things I Did Today


It’s 7:37 A.M.      Just waking up
Cup of coffee      Cigarette      Debate
on whether or not I should actually
bathe      Decide to in the end      Drive
to york      Bring weed bring smokes
bring cynical smirk      Blaze through road
construction like a snarling specter
then realize i should abide the speed limit
Slow crawl to the office      Retrieve paycheck
then start for home      Hasty heap of green
stuffed in the starving pipe
Nothing provokes my ire like a slow traffic
light      On to a more isolated stretch      Inhale heavy
Exhale ponderous      Darkness blisters
the speakers      Bauhaus never gets old
especially in October      More cigarettes
More headaches      Deprived of caffiene
Long line in the bank      They need more tellers
here      Cougar splits a fruit with immaculate jaw
Carefully peer through my glazed periphery
Deposit my check      Government scaled
it back a few digits      Aren’t they supposed
to be shut down or something      Oh well
Thrift store      Supermarket to get munchies
and stamps      More long lines
a painstaking graph      Some people need to learn
to better count their change
Then finally home to write this poem     It’s 1:30 P.M.

-r. miller


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