Everything is Friendly


Triangular love’s lesson if ever
I heard one, a staggered lingo.
Mind braced against damage flowing
across 16 hours in my glimmering eyes.
Radiance graft lingers within some
problems here. More whiskey
and Jimmie spewing a flustered astrology.
Stars, pinpricks shaking on
acquaintances, doom the table.
But not paying attention makes sense.
Is anybody really for confrontation?
Free reign spilled from textbooks of water.
                              Everything is friendly
and gives us cigarettes and drama.
              That’s a fucking life
                         when the chalice appears.
Two chicks on my big feral fruit.

-r. miller


2 thoughts on “Everything is Friendly

  1. “Free reign spilled from textbooks of water” that’s one hell of a line, sir. Some of the staggered lingo as you call it makes me feel like I’m eavesdropping on an insider’s conversation told in a distant dialect. Other lines, like that one I quoted, just floor me –seemingly out of the blue– Wham! Writers of lines like those deserve all the chalices that life has to offer. Cheers to you.

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