Rue the Appearance


Caught in that bristling wheel,
I avoided one too many speeding tickets
on this road, and one too many jokes
have died on its humorless chin, so
studious stuffy significant.
What means significant? And what means
“means”? I don’t know, is it that big a deal?
Now, followed by an empty space
in the sheets, a vague impersonation
of something once felt, now not felt at all.
Is there anything but humiliation
at opening of my door?
So fleeing the tyrant’s interventions
wearing a feathered brow and drizzles
of sweat, I barricaded myself in a curtain
with nothing but my own stupid perceptions
to keep me warm against
the frigid stares of strangers. You were
always quick to judge, placed a placard
across the stem, and made it a point
to demonstrate my inferiority complex
against your unwavering resolve.
Well shit, I was just a kid, wasn’t I?
But then, amid the clackclack of billiards,
I mastered growth
and made you rue the appearance –

-r. miller


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