No More Punk Shows


Some dingy motherfucker
sugarcoated his sinus
                     and rushed in
broken glass, stupor inherent
in the stigma. So now it’s all fucked,
everything is just fucked.
There ain’t nothing after this,
no refuse bin,
             no pop asylum,
no concussion,
              no mohawk miniskirts,
but we’ll always have the memories.
Yeah, the memories –
overcoats in puddles of gasoline,
stripped to the core circle pits
                        and the loudness.
Remember how loud it was?
Remember how dense it was?
And when you got knocked
on your ass there was always
an arm suddenly extended
                        in front of you –

-r. miller


3 thoughts on “No More Punk Shows

  1. Oh my GOD right? Shows used to be fun, now everyone’s fucked up and aiming to kill.My sister and I almost got in a fight at a Streetlight Manifesto show. Shows used to be about connecting, now they’re about WHO loves the band MORE and they’ll kill you to prove it. Maybe that’s just In L.A.

    • It’s just disappointing all around. There was always, ALWAYS, that one group of kids around here who had the idea that punk rock means Anarchy and Anarchy means mindless destruction of property and acting like an asshole. We’ve had people throw bricks through windows, deface bathrooms, and one time some guy actually started a fire inside of a fire company social hall.

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