Thoughts at Bedtime


Smile peeled beneath
an overture of eyes
sweet symphonic and taut.
Swollen eyes devouring mine
that eradicate any memory
                             of distance.

So eager to know
you on a sofa drenched
                in fragmentary light.
My admiration enduring
                the fragmentary journeys.
Every breath breathed in solace.
Dampening corridors,
                      wicked imagining
       and your smooth length
of thighs trembling when touched.

Nubile, splayed on sheets,
your marvelous array
            of oceans rising in heat
Lithe in dewey gasps,
                pulled up by your hair
into my enflamed lips,
                 tangle of muscle into a Venus,
 and opening you to my fervor –

-r. miller


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