Sunset Over Audubon, NJ


Coffee mug bearing a message
                                  “Kiss me”
across its cylindrical visage.
I am a yawning museuem
of hashtags and metaphors
atop a foundation of nerves
                          illumined in dusk.

Thinking and wondering,
                           envisioning you
in nakedness and sprawl,
the lascivious ascention
                      that follows, the finger
         beckoning me to you.

And how lovely you always are,
                              especially curled
          in blankets and books.

Slummed in the dead air of Jersey.
Scripts of gardens, swamps, humidity.
Screams of mosquitoes
                             melting into trees.
The shadow of Philadelphia looming
                                     against the sky
            like a broken mouth.

You and I trading drags
                              of a cigarette
beneath a riot of jet streams,
marijuana smoke mixing
                with the purple light,
the hazy concoction coiling through
your hair, and so overwhelmed was I
that I could do nothing else but hold
you against me in beautiful fusion.

         You said “I love you”
         and the words erupted like flowers.

-r. miller


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