Versus Wasp


There’s a goddamn wasp
In my car!

While in a euphoria
Of relucent green
And cool bath
Of cerulean skies
I hear, from behind,
The foreboding buzz
Of fiendish wing.
Check the rear view mirror
And behold!
The slender, black form
Of my devilish foe –

Very well!
Beowulf had Grendel,
So too must I
Have my nemesis!
Though, stalwart as I am,
I doubt
That I am up to the task.

And what if that
Six-legged creep
Flies up in my face,
And amid the fury
My grip on the steering wheel
And I careen off the shoulder
And into a ditch?
Wouldn’t that be some shit?
And all I wanted
Was to enjoy the summer’s rich decor
And some solid tunes
And to smoke this spliff
Which I so painstakingly rolled –

Wait, that’s it!

I’ll smoke the fucker dead!
Rid the earth
Of its horrendous sting
Roll up the windows,
Collecting the vapors
Until I’ve stilled the hum
Of its monstrous wing!

Ugh – But I’m not that cruel.
I afflict no malice within,
And besides
It’s too damned hot to be driving around
With the windows up.
So maybe, I think,
This particular wasp
Will tire of stalking me
And simply
Fly away –

O! Wasp!
Permit me tranquility!
Cease your audacious disruption of my drive home!
Just fly away!

But there it is,
Still creeping in the backseat
When I check
The rear view mirror.
And conspiring a nest…

-r. miller


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