Sit Down. Relax.


Sit down, relax.
                     Have another cup of coffee.
Nourishing for the mind
                       The acidity will gnaw
       A hole through your gut
                If you drink
                            Too much of it.
Maybe roll another cigarette.
                          After all – bad habits
           Come in pairs.

                Take one bad habit,
                                    Add another bad habit,
                      and you get
                                                A Muse.
But that’s just basic arithmetic.
                                        Grammar school shit.
                             Nice that you were
        Paying attention anyhow.
                                                 This was before
                         You started sprouting hairs
            In unfortunate places,
                                 While all the girls were sprouting
           In most fortunate places
                            Giving you
                                  A pleasant distraction from
             Your studies
                             And a nice twinge
                                                     In your trousers.
-r. miller


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