What a marvelous thing to be
             Lost in Baltimore with you
To traipse along these summery sidewalks
                      Carefree, and for once, alive
Alexander’s in Fell’s has
             Six-dollar burgers – I take mine
             Rare. You prefer yours meatless –
They also boast a swell selection
       Of draught beer. The Sound Garden
    Boasts an even better selection
             Of records (My bank account shrinks
                                                             In utter
                                                                    Terror – )
              As we amble along
    The angular marinas, I’ve counted
               15 people out for a run
    12 walking their dogs, 8 riding bicycles
                       And 35 people who have a better idea
                          Than we of where they’re going
    Pizza and frozen yogurt
                      In O’Donnell Square
           Where we’re fortunate to observe
                 The more affluent members
                              Of our generation making ample use
               Of their disposable incomes
                          At the various pubs all showing
             The same basketball game
                            On their hi-def plasma screens
     Two mallards fly in from the harbor
                          The male eagerly trailing his mate
                           As she scrounges the dirt for food
    I’m surprised that you still find me
                      Attractive, despite my dreadful
            Sinus infection.
It’s getting late, and this neighborhood
                      Is no place for two pretty things
              Such as ourselves to be wandering around
                       So we catch a cab back
                                         To Johns Hopkins Station
Where we await the next train
                                                     Read the City Paper
          And I find myself graced
                               With hopeless adoration
                                                                      For you –

-r. miller


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