May 5th, 2013


You said that you’re leaving
In a few weeks, perhaps for good
So we walk with our arms linked
Sharing a cigarette –

It isn’t quite dark yet
Night has only begun
To emerge from the cradle of dusk
The streetlights have come on
And you comment on
How beautiful they look
In the bluesy ebb
I agree –

There isn’t a whole lot
To do in this town
Especially if you’re young
And beautiful, except walk
Around smoking ciagettes
And we are young, we are
Beautiful like these streetlights
And we want nothing more
Than to be young and beautiful
And maybe a pint of vegan ice cream
But the supermarket, it seems
Has locked its doors for the night
Shit out of luck, but at last
We have a free moment
Where we can share a kiss

You taste like cigarettes –

-r. miller


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