The cadaverous shell of the Town
                       Instills within me a great yawn –

I’d much rather jettison
              Through the florescent frenzy
                                Of the City, and knock back
                   Gin Tonics and White Russians
                                          Somewhere with terrible lighting
                          And a mammoth dance floor

                                         Swarming Girls
          In stiletto heels and miniskirts
                      Gyrating cosmically to throbbing
                             Synthesized sounds from the DJ booth
                 The heavy smells of sweat
                                And pheromones oozing
                  Through the strobe lights

              (What a futile task it is
                          To try and hide a hardon
                                       In these skinny jeans!)

                     And maybe if I’m lucky
           I can steal a boozy kiss
                           From some pretty thing
                      And we can find a quiet place
             To be, and I can tell her
                    All about irreverent crustaceans
      Wrangling pearls on some beach
                       Some lovelorn beach far far away
             And she’d say
                         That I should take her there –

But in this little slice of bumfuck,
                   The whole goddamn place
        Reeks of famine and boredom
                                 And everybody knows everybody

-r. miller


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