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The Unabridged Version of the American Dream

Bundles of glass tapped with insurgency gripes. I was never the type to trip laces for wires. Formaldehyde fires in the hypodermic cask brighten and widen with residual flair. Everywhere … Continue reading

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The Pick Up Artist’s Sonnet

Give me the time of day, and I’ll give you the best fuck you’ve ever received. I have no reason to deceive you. In case of an emergency, break the … Continue reading

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He Used to Be Cool

A whole lot of rocks and boredom. Once the shock wore off, he sold his belongings and dove headfirst into anonymity. Roving chemical trails assail the treeline, and mist prevails … Continue reading

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A Caffeine Crash and a Sunrise

It’s the grievous way in which the hand moves to conceal the face of the clock, the way I feel more alone as I watch the sun open up the … Continue reading

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The yellow mug on the table is the worst example of abstract expressionism. The yellow mug on the table wants to grow arms and pin me down. The yellow mug … Continue reading

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Somebody Said They Wanted a Poem About a Fist Fight

There I am in the brink again, and the vague personification of writer’s cramp clamping its jaws on my urges. It sure takes a lot of nerve to maintain that … Continue reading

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Written While Sitting Alone Downtown Watching People Drink Beer From Paper Bags

Lift me above these rancid battlements that I might fumigate this painful spread and dissociate the warhead from its violence. This is a chorus devoid of several voices, the ones … Continue reading

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