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Post-Coitus Dialogue

And so she yanked me close and whispered “Fuck me,” and I did, it was a marvelous little escapade, and afterwards, we blazed and fucked again, and I put on … Continue reading

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This art which we’ve cultivated has taken on a certain asymmetry, an unevenness between the expected effects and the reality. In other words, it’s disorder, disorder with a decadent smile. … Continue reading

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Just Listen for Once

I’ve explained already how I’m sick of the weather, how muggy it’s been, but I don’t think that you were paying any attention. Face it, your retention of new information … Continue reading

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This Is Not a Sonnet

Sigh through bands of light. Smile in the words of Berrigan spun out on the freeway like a comic strip. The hour of irrationality overcomes the valley until the valley … Continue reading

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The Life of the Party

A fat paycheck and a 401k glittering with disparity. Paraphrased BOREGASM, divine precedence with his eyes’ psychosis in a sickly gray. A lovely feeling – real noxious – and possibly … Continue reading

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Critique of Pure Practical Reason

This is a poem or a catalog nursed to hysterics by the lashes, each successive blow. And my forehead cracks a sequential portrait of Immanuel Kant. Object to wholeness over … Continue reading

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From a Bar Restroom

We delight in the esoteric, though it’s a real hollow delight, as one delights in sitting alone in a crowded bar, nursing a half- hearted beer. What I’m trying to … Continue reading

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