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Rainy Season

For now going against the grain what here punctuates the air with livid repose but not as I suppose it should would ever come a draggy lag of historical perspective … Continue reading

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Through a Pair of Sunglasses

The disappointment, the associated sensations and the unfortunate color scheme, like in a dream I had where the whole world was a stack of wood. This is the panic attack … Continue reading

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5-Point Program

(Automatic Listening Experiment: “Jóga” by Björk) Accidents that happen, coincidence – only with you. I feel you, emotional. They pass, and you push me to this state of emergency. Beautiful … Continue reading

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Relationship Advice

(Automatic Listening Experiment: “3005” by Childish Gambino) No matter what you say, alone. Fuck these. All good on the radio like I won’t be here long. Mi casa strippin’ like … Continue reading

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Some Musings

Don’t think too hard about it. Not everything has to follow a logic. It’s purely a myth, but one that nevertheless carries a weight. I heave and huff and puff … Continue reading

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I’ve never imagined so green a night as this one is. Alright – but maybe I have? and through the whispers of hysteria creeping over the hills, I sense a … Continue reading

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In the Clinch Again (A Pantoum)

So what? I’m in the clinch again, underneath a thick blanket of dust, braced against swarms of wind with color in my smile. Underneath a thick blanket of dust lies … Continue reading

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